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Does a dream have a "correct" interpreta-
tion, or is it that what is "correct" is what happens to
prove true in your experience at any particular moment?
Is it possible to design an experiment to test the validity
of an interpretation of a dream?

     Question: Are the details of a dream significant to
interpretation? If details are left out, will the dream
interpretation be distorted?

     Question: Are there different types of dreams or
levels of dreaming? Are there different levels of
consciousness that can influence a dream? Do the rules of
dream interpretation differ according to the level or type
of dream?

     Question: How can you learn to identify discarnate
entities who may appear in your dreams, or to
distinguish them from inner resources or archetypal
figures? What significance to interpretation of the dream
do such discarnate entities have?

     Question: How can you learn correctly to identify
prophetic dreams? How can you tell if the precognitive
component in a dream is to be taken literally as given, as
opposed to being taken figuratively?

     Question: What is the significance of numbers in
dreams? When do we go by numerological interpreta-
tions and when do we use our own personal associations
to the numbers?

     Question: If you have a dream about someone else that
suggests he will encounter something negative, is such
a dream always about some part of oneself, or might it
also relate to that person? Is there any constructive way
of sharing that dream with the other person?


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